Another Expense Totaling $1.3K !

Alright...well, I didn't actually buy anything yet because I'm waiting for a couple of funds from the 'rents and from the last job that I had. I can't believe that when my recurrency class is over, I'm going to immediately get into more debt. I can't wait to be an FO making the huge bucks! No one ever believes me when they actually realize that pilots don't make the hundreds like they use to in the golden days of flying.

Here is a flight bag that I would like to have: It's a Scott's Leather Bag 8" which also is suppose to handle the wear and tear of multiple in and out situations! =)

Here is the carry-on luggage that is suppose to withstand the test of baggage handlers: Purdy Neat Stop-Over Stealth 22". You like the sauce?