bout time....Happy New Year!!!

What an awesome 2006! I closed out two chapters of my life and ushered in a new one. I hope that everyone has been able to follow along. This will be "the blog" to check out for a while until another significant even starts up.

It's has been about 1 year to the day since all the blackberry users received a nice gift from Google. Finally, today, I just noticed that Google released the Google Maps Application for the Palm Treo. I started playing around with it already and it is everything that I could have wanted. This application alone was one reason why I even contemplated switching to the Blackberry 8700. Now, hopefully they'll start playing with some integration that will enable you to add in the contact to your directory.

Still no hope for the gMail Google App that is on the Blackberry for the Treo. We'll see in the next few months!

Adelle is here and we were able to celebrate the New Year together. We also got to watch The Pursuit of Happyness the other day which was a sweet movie. I still need to catch Good Shepherd, but it will be a while until some funds roll around. I spent it with a couple of friends at a local bar. It was everything that I could have hoped for. :-) I hope that everyone else had a good and safe New Year. It's going to be an awesome 2007!

oh yeah, I also bought some awesome Wrangler Khakis pants from "the Wal-Mart" the other day and they feel better than the ones that I have been buying from Banana Republic. I know that it is weird that I've said that, but we'll see how the Dockers feel when I get a chance to buy them somewhere. (I left a pair of BR Khakis in the Luxembourg Hilton a while back but it didn't matter because they weren't that great. ) That's probably my next purchase during this year. Have to get back to the business casual attire again. Oh joy!