of missing someone and studying

Well, Adelle woke up early today to get ready to head back home. She let me sleep up until we needed to leave which was nice. I had a bowl of Lucky Charms downstairs which was pretty tasty then I drove her to the airport where we said our goodbyes. Then poof, she was gone and back in San Diego. It is really awesome that we can go across the country within 5 hours by jet. I'm still amazed at that simple feat. I can't wait to see what is in store in the next 15 years in terms of travel. So anyways...

Right when she left, I already felt sad. Just having her here for a week was awesome. We spent a lot of time together which was good. The good side to a long distance relationship is that it always feels like brand new after a period of absence, but the let down is that you have to start over again in aspects of "getting use" to each other. She let me study what I needed to and was definitely an excellent girlfriend. Thanks for coming beeb!

I went back home, finished up a couple of things, went back to sleep and then awoke to a friend asking me where the hell I was. When I got back into the room, there was no one left. That sucked. I ended up doing some laundry today, got a hair cut from a Vietnamese guy who did an excellent job (it was probably my first awesome haircut away from San Diego), found out from him that there was a Pho place around the area and a Ranch 99 just north of the city, headed to Costco for a case of Red Bull and PowerBars then some awesome $1.50 polish dogs and Pizza, then went to WalMart which rounded up that portion of errands.

Finally after that exhausting day, I studied from about 1740 till about 2100. I can't say that I felt like I got a lot of things done, but I was able to navigate around the panel which did prove good I guess. I can't wait to keep it up now that I don't have any distractions. Not that having someone here around all the time was a distraction or anything, but shoot, it's going to be a great week!

Oh yeah, I also ate in for dinner. I had some Chef Bo R Dee Ravioli minis with some triscuits. You just wish that you could have been here huh?