Florida vs. OSU

Wow, that was a game for the books. Florida tore OSU a new one! I ended upstairs with a few friends and just hung out for the remainder of the evening after putting in a good 1.5 hours studying. I still had a little bit more to do, but it was a good chance to relax again a bit. I was really good today in not spending any money on food. I probably won't tomorrow either, but we'll see. I had a good dinner tonight which consisted of a Turkey / Chicken Deli Meat sandwich, 1 Cup of Noodle Chicken Soup with some hot sauce, a couple of Triscuits, and Carrots and some dip. I also had a Coke Zero which always tops it off well. I have a lot to study and I don't think that I will be able to go home this weekend which would be a good thing because I would get to watch the Charger game here somewhere instead of flying back. Tom Brady did look really good this past weekend. I just hope that our secondary can stop them! Go CHARGERS!!!