of frostbite

I got the wonderful idea of wearing my rainbows (slippers) tonight as we walked to dinner across the parking lot. I think that I actually hurt myself! The windchill was just too much to bear on my feet. I wore my trusty new Gap Pea Coat which has definitely served its monies worth but that only protected my upper half. Next think you know, I'll have some dual layer sockage going.

I ate a little heavy today (Wendy's for lunch then a burger at Ruby Tuesday's for dinner) even though my stomach was still going through some bloaty and achy feeling. I also ordered a Chocolate Frosty which probably didn't help at all either. I don't know what's going on, but I was definitely unable to do anything last night because of this. I was finally able to ease my pain a little bit today, but its still hurting. I hope that I get better and fast!

I was dying today in class. I couldn't stay awake if it was to save my life! I definitely was trying but I just couldn't resist the sleepiness. I had to do one of those "just working out my neck" thing to counter my head falling back as I just dozed off! The harder that I concentrate on clicking and reading, I start to dream of doing those things. I can't even tell when my eyes are closed or open! I got to class 1hour early so that I didn't have to stay later or be passed up by my collegues in class, but 2 hours into the regular scheduled lesson, I was already behind. Not by far, but I now recognize that I have to start early and end late just to be on par. It's definitely worth it, but it does take a toll. When I get back to my room, I can't even open a book because of how burnt out I am. I'm looking forward to studying all day on Saturday and Sunday. It's going to be an awesome weekend!

I'm still debating on whether or not to upgrade my phone so that I could benefit from EVDO and get over this 1xRTT internet connection or slowness at this place!? I'll try holding out for a little while longer. As the sales specialist told me, something cool might come out by the end of February.