of getting behind

I just can't keep up with some folks when it comes to studying. I did take some rather longer breaks than normal today but I couldn't help it when the last few days have been just full of pain either in my stomach or my head. I haven't felt a headache like this since I could remember. Every time I get up from sitting down or lying in bed, my head feels like it just wants to drop to the floor! I didn't drink any caffeine today or sugary beverages. That is a break from the 2-4 cups of coffee a day and an added soda at the end. Could this be a caffeine headache at all? I was able to stay awake though in class so that's getting better at least.

So, back to trying to "get ahead," I was able to finish the today with a step out ahead, but when compared to my colleagues, I'm just on par. They too are where I am if not farther. I did end the night good with some checklist memorization with my partner but lets just hope that I recite them well tomorrow in the morning when we get back together.

I had a hilarious txt msg conversation with an old flight partner today by the name of Kevin Lubic. He just started his training at GoJets this past Monday in St. Louis. I wish him the best there as the timing with weather couldn't have been better! He also started a blog which you could find at http://klubic.blogspot.com. I've enjoyed his posts quite a bit because I could just imagine him narrating it. It is that hilarious to me. You have to meet him someday to understand his humor and take on things. Here's the conversation that took place on my phone while I was trying to get ahead.

Me: Did Gaven just tell Katie what he heard happened true?

Kevin: True that which Gaven heard is that?

I just keep on repeating that conversation to myself and it's a winner! It really is. I know that I didn't make sense either, but the premise of the conversation was just that...Just enjoy the laugh! Goodnight!