...of moving

I just got reassigned to LAX about a week ago and even though I won't be showing up for duty until May 1st, I can't hardly wait! It's so exciting!!! I'm heading back west. Because of that move of mine though, I'm at the bottom (2nd from last) on the seniority of first officer pilots out of 50. It kind of stinks, but hey...seniority is everything and I'm a brand new fish. I even just moved up a couple of spots because the roster grew by 20 more this part 15th with the new January training class. So, right now, I'm just thinking of what my living quarters will be like, where in the LA area, where in the Atlanta area will I be staying for the 1.5 months after IOE...there's just so many things to take care of. This Saturday will mark the 1 month date of when I started and when all my benefits commence. I can't wait!

I ate lunch at Smokey Bones!!! I'm loving it there. Made a production of it today and it ended up that 8 of us ate there. It was just so good! The pulled pork combo with two sides, loaded mashed potatoes and BBQ baked beans rock! I also got to catch up on two of my shows tonight and studied all my flash cards again. It's almost getting easier but I also started the Immediate Action Items and got most of those taken care of as well. It's going well really, but I'm still scared for the oral exam. I finished the Computer Based Training (CBT) Lessons so I'll be hopefully using my time wisely after the lunch break to continue studying for the systems final on Friday.

I worked out tonight again...had a can of tuna fish with hot sauce afterwards and now I'm headed to bed. By the way, more contract negotiations and mediation should be taking place on February 5th and 6th so I'm crossing my fingers. Looks like that is after the fact of when Delta is suppose to be finalizing their Request For Proposals and announcing who is going to do what regional flying for them.