of test taking....

I'm really going to start running out of titles for each new blog but anyways back the topic of this entry: I HAVE A TEST TOMORROW!!! It's just the written version and it shouldn't be that difficult, but I know that I'll miss a couple here and there. Hopefully I won't. You know what? It'll never end...this test taking thing. I guess there really isn't any other way to put numbers on someones knowledge of detail of skill on double checking. You know of course that that's where I fall short. I always not only question myself, but only if and only if I really really know and think that I am right, I'll be 75% sure of the answer. Not even 99% sure. I really hope that I do really well tomorrow and I think that I will but of course there are other things that I should be worrying about especially what's in store for me in the upcoming weeks. It's only going to get a little more difficult.

Back to studying!

  • Breakfast - cereal and a nutri grain bar
  • Lunch - two cans of Starkist tuna with some bread and cheese and lots of carrots
  • Dinner - canned Chef Boy R Dee something along the lines of beef and pasta and a triple layer cheese sandwich

This diet isn't going to get me back to my old waste line huh? I'm totally like growing outward now. Good thing that I finally just gave in but I still own a good pair of motivational pants (my old size) that I'll try in 30 days. I'm going to try to work on it. I just need to workout a little bit more. Goodnight!