between the dems and the reps

It looks like the 2008 election is already upon us with the announcements of Rudy Giuliani and Barack Obama looking to seek the their respective party's nomination. Gearing up to be the one who can end up looking good in the camera in terms of public speaking and motivation, it's really going to be hard for a Republican to win. He's going to have to pull off something amazing. Both these candidates are already in the middle in terms of policies, but its going to be during their debates, I think, that will separate them. I'm kind of excited for this one. I don't even want to mention the "other" Democratic candidate. I still think that it's silly. Just my humble opinion though.
Giuliani's website is definitely designed by a simple group with little flare. It's neat and definitely says a lot about him and his works. You can find immediate links to what he has done in his life and current news. No videos, flash or who-ha or anything like that. Just like I've said before, neat and simple.
Barack's website is definitely a little bit cleaner and of a fresher style. It shows him off the bat appealing to an older crowd rather than the younger democrat telling us that he's in it for all the people. The picturesque interaction alone comes straight out of a book it seems like. It is appealing don't get me wrong, I'm just pointing out the obvious. His videos are definitely something to watch if you have always been interested and curious in him. They get your rield up and excited about his future as a candidate. He says to stay tuned for Feb. 10th has he will have another announcement regarding all this information then. Hey babe, he also went to Columbia for his undergrad.

I personally have a lot to learn about each of these guys. It's going to be such a close race. If you haven't read or listened to either of their books, you should give them a try. They almost seem to have similar bases and stories and are both written really well. Check them out.