Today marked the beginning of the end of my training. It's going to only get harder from what I've been hearing and I have to admit that I wasn't as prepared as I would have liked to be today. I was up to par, but did not exceed expectation nor did I feel 100% confident in my answers. I will try to be tomorrow, but I definitely will need some time to actually begin to digest and "learn" not memorize what I am doing. It's getting better though and I'm glad that it is all finally starting to all come together. I'm going to try to start running again and hopefully that will get my blood flowing better to my brain. CPT2 tomorrow from 0800-1500! Wish me luck!

We had a free lunch today from Flight Safety which was awesome pulled pork sandwiches. I had one and there were just too many not to indulge myself and have another, so I did it. I grabbed another. I felt content with one, but shoot, how can you deny free food. My flight partner did and I'm sure that he felt a little better than I did afterwards. Oh well, it was just so good!!! If there is anything that I will miss about the Southeast, it would be all the BBQ that you can get. Of course, the trade off in SoCal is the multitude of Mexican and Asian restaurants. Now weighing in on me in the dilemma of whether or not I should bid back to Atlanta because of Adelle's future college aspirations. Oh the decisions...anyone have any insight?