of expansion

So, since my waist has been expanding this last few weeks since I started studying and working here, I've gotten rather depressed about it. I'm trying to cut out on the fast food dieting and trying to run a lot more. I've worked out 5 days straight which I haven't done for quite a while and still going strong. I'm noticing that my knees aren't that great anymore because they are starting to hurt a little bit, but I'm just proud that I'm going strong. My diet is a little better these days too with some Canned Tuna and just whatever else. I upgraded from the Chunk Light to the Chunk White Albacore Tuna and man, even though it is about three times the price (.54 cents to 1.37), it's damn worth it. You can't smell it and is just tastes awesome! I really like the fish section that they have. You can get them in pouches and cans, ready to eat, etc, its just so cool! I'm on a fish loving diet right now. I did crave some crazy McDonald's today but I avoided that catastrophe. Anyways...

On expansion terms, I finally just added a little item on my sidebar which links you to some of the items that I've read and think might interest you. I've been using Google Reader which I love. I never thought that I would start using RSS readers again, but it helps so much because I don't have to navigate all my various webpages. I'm leaving out a few here and there and sometimes it takes a little more time to scroll through some items that I wouldn't really read either, but I'm loving it so far. You have to sign up if you haven't already. I also use their mobile function which loads great on my treo 650 and it loads fast too!

The Chargers have always been a growing team and since the departure of the defensive and offensive coordinators, Mr. Marty Schottenheimer was fired today! It's just crazy! I don't know what's going to happen. That's really all I have to say about that.

Seattle here I come!!! Delta just announced that they are going to continue the awesomeness that which expansion in LAX. I'm excited because this just means that I will have less likely of a chance of being on reserve. Delta is going to be using ASA for these flights and it would be awesome if they bring the 700 there, because then maybe, just maybe I'll be able to bid equipment! I'm sure that Seattle is going to be a popular flight right? Check this out below!

 Delta's schedule between Los Angeles and Los Mochis*,effective June 2:--------------------------------------------------------------------Flight   Departs         Arrives         Frequency      Operated by--------------------------------------------------------------------4855     Los Angeles at  Los Mochis at   Wed., Sat      Atlantic         11:15 a.m.      2:35 p.m.                   Southeast                                                      Airlines--------------------------------------------------------------------4420     Los Mochis at   Los Angeles at  Wed., Sat.     Atlantic         3:15 p.m.       4:27 p.m.                   Southeast                                                      Airlines--------------------------------------------------------------------

Delta's schedule between Los Angeles and Seattle, effective June 7:--------------------------------------------------------------------Flight   Departs         Arrives         Frequency      Operated by--------------------------------------------------------------------4778     Los Angeles at  Seattle at      Daily          Atlantic         6:05 p.m.       8:27 p.m.                   Southeast                                                      Airlines--------------------------------------------------------------------4761**   Seattle at      Los Angeles at  Daily          Atlantic         7:15 a.m.       9:45 a.m.                   Southeast                                                      Airlines