of jogging on a treadmill and diamonds...

Today was a rather productive day where I had some good studying time on my own, went to church, had some awesome grilled mahi-mahi at Bonefish, went to Barnes and Nobles to study, then to Flight Safety to study and worked out for about 45 mins. When I say worked out, I mean that I jogged at a rather timid pace. But the machine said that I burned off ~350 calories and that I had jogged 3.5 miles or something like that. I was happy and I sweat which is what I was looking for.

I had a rather interesting dream last night where I ran a half marathon. Probably because I thought that I was doing such a great job on the treadmill yesterday that I was proud that I didn't tire like I thought I would. Today was good too. I put my iPod to Rock Genre and jogged on!

So as for the title, I was reading this awesome article and it's just awesome! Everyone has to read it because it's what my geology friend has always been saying. I haven't even gotten a chance to see Blood Diamond yet, but I hopefully will someday. Here's the link! Click here

So, tomorrow' schedule is another rinse and repeat. Since I'm presumable only going to be in this hotel for another 3 weeks, and I have some food left, I'm going to the supermarket tomorrow and will try to make it my last trip there. I also have laundry to do and am going to try to study as much as I can somewhere in between taking care of other errands such as getting a refund for the trip that I paid for and maybe, just maybe...if there's time I'll go to Bed Bath and Beyond, j/k, get an oil change.