8 days out...

My original schedule of being away for a quick overnight round trip (RT) on the 12th ended up with me being extended all the way through tonight (5th overnight) plus the fact that I have been on duty for 6 days so that means that because I dutied out tonight around 2100 local, I need a mandatory 24 hour rest period. So that means that I cannot fly the MTX flight out that I was originally scheduled to take back today to ATL, my regular day off (tomorrow) will be spend here in Hot Springs, Arkansas and I will DeadHead back to ATL on Wednesday. I have a new off day on 21st followed by another on the 22nd then my 4 Golden Days in a row. It should make for a good trip but we'll see how things turn out. I really want to fly a RT in the LAX area but we'll see where that goes.

So, because of all these extension to my original schedule, I'm forced to do some laundry in the sink of my hotel room. I don't think that I have had to hand wash my clothing since...shoot, ever?! It's definitely an interesting life I tell ya. But, I'm still enjoying it.

Today was a good day in that I flew back to ATL this morning with some crazy winds and landed pretty well, DeadHeaded to Little Rock on Delta, drove with the Captain to the Hot Springs Maintenance base, and took a CRJ 200 for a spin around the area. We flew up to 15,000 feet and just started to do some maintenance checks. It was fun, but frustrating at the same time because we got delayed on the flight out of ATL to Little Rock then, the maintenance checks didn't really go that well. So, here I am. It's going to be an exciting day in Hot Springs tomorrow! =)

Oh yeah, I was 1 bid from a Relief line as I got the 354th bid that I made which was RES703. I have May 19th - 22nd off. Yeah!!! My co-worker who is just one spot ahead of me got awarded a line. Congrats guys! I can't wait till next month.