and I'm back...

Hawaii was an awesome trip. I have to say that I did just about everything that I did when I went there in 1996 with my high school band. It was nice reliving the experience but I have to say that I was a bit disappointed in how "modern" and "mainland" Waikiki has turned out. We got to our hotel rather late in the night, but when we arrived, it seemed as if I was just back in Fashion Valley Mall. There's new construction everywhere, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Coach and just about every other high end retail store on the main street that parallels the beach. It's isn't what it use to be but of course nothing is, yes I know. Next time I head in that direction, I definitely want to check out a volcano and head to the big island or Maui. I heard that it's nice to really venture out and get away from it all.

I just got back from a Nap to Florence, South Carolina. It was a nice trip but drama with the van driver was quite interesting. Let's just say that we might not be using their services again because of how awkward or threatened we felt. Just plain rude. I am reserve again next month holding a Nap line. I'm on reserve in other words from 1900-0000. It's kind of nice that way because I get to "commute" in the same day from San Diego.

I'm trying to decide whether or not I want to play Pokemon DS. It would be easier if I had the books that I've been meaning to read here with me in ATL, but they are all still in Florida. We'll see in the next few weeks. Chargers are making some good draft picks. A little interesting in the WR choice, but I'm sure that AJ know more than I do. The Padres are doing alright. Trevor Hoffman blew a big game, but I'm sure that it'll all start to click again.

I got my tax return of $600.00, but of course that basically funded this Hawaii trip. I'm still in debt and I just have one more month until my loan repayments start kicking in. I'm a little scared, but I'm sure that I should be able to work it out. I haven't gotten a chance to fly out of LAX yet as all my other 6 roommates have including a couple of other friends that I went through training with. It's kind of ridiculous how I can't get it even though I'm there. It's a little disappointing but what can you do. Here are some of the details. I'm in San Diego calling scheduling that I'm available to fly out LAX. They instead tell me that there are no trips available, have one of my friends deadhead out to LAX, take a trip the next day and I have to fly back to ATL to do a trip there. Even when I call and tell them both our employee numbers and ask for a trade, it doesn't happen. It's a little frustrating, but like I said earlier, what can you do?

I'm just excited that I actually got what I requested which was the Nap reserve in May. I am now #362 out of 510 which is pretty neat. I hope that I'm able to get a line next month, but it's all good. Alright, well, I'm finally going to get some rest. C'ya!!!

don't forget to check out trelijah under the links for some more updated pix and just random notes. I'm thinking of just combining the two blogs already. We'll see. I'm also thinking of just using WordPress, but I don't want to bother yet. We'll see. I just want to do everything and can't make up my mind.