Commuting back and forth...

It's nice to be able and come back to San Diego when I'm done with a 4 day trip. The only downside was that during this last commute I didn't have my Bose Headphones to drown out the engine noise. It really does make a difference in terms of fatigue and restlessness. I able to get some sleep though and it helped out. I came home to Lisa's place, hung out for a bit and then we headed out to get some awesome sushi at Niban! I love that place. I wish that Atlanta had some affordable food like that. I was able to save quite a bit though not eating out while on this trip and just eat out of my lunch pail. I of course packed quite a bit and couldn't help but eat a lot of it during the first day of my trip. I was just non stop.

I got to swim one night and then the next day, I ran 2 miles and biked another. It was definitely a good workout. I'm starting to feel a little lose around my waist again and it's definitely going to help me stay away from the freshman pilot 20. I'm not sure if I mentioned this before but I flew with a Captain that started out at ASA weighing in at 180 and 6 years later, he's weighing in at a heavy set 230. That's just not healthy. The time that we have in between flight to eat fast food really just ruins out diet and intake but we have to do what we can to keep healthy. I don't think that it's that cool seeing a really heavyset Captain let himself get away with it. The industry has definitely turned us into a group of people like that, but I'm not going to let it get to me.

I'm going to try to watch the Chargers Mini-Camp practice at 4-6 today. I didn't make the early one though because I just didn't want to get up. Hopefully I get to see some drills run. I got the new jersey last week and I'm just excited to wear it! I've been reading a lot more Charger news lately which is really getting me excited about this season. I hope that it ends with a Ring! The new jerseys rock by the way especially when put together with the white helmets! I'll be going back to ATL tomorrow and should be back at the Loxford Lounge for a bit. See you guys there!