The Life of a Commuter

I tell everyone that commuting is worth the "better" life in San Diego and as long as I keep telling myself that, the 10 hours that I spend traveling back and forth is all the more worth it. I find myself spending less on gas which is awesome but a little more on food. I haven't done any grocery shopping though lately and my workout routine is suffering a little bit. I have yet to study for the new endeavor into the Air National Guard but we'll see how that pans out. I've got the books coming to me this week .

These last two days I've been eating a lot of hamburgers again and loving it. I just started spending more money too which isn't the best thing financially, but my stomach is definitely more happy! Last night in Fort Wayne, Indiana I headed out to a Bar / Club named "Club 412" and had two pints of beer along with an awesome cheeseburger. I had two pints of the Blue Moon Honey Special which was actually really good. I definitely enjoyed the night but I find myself having a little too much of alone time. Even this evening as I ate dinner in the A Concourse, I realized that being a pilot really takes someone that likes to be alone. I mean, it's easy to meet people along the way, but it isn't conducive to creating long and everlasting friendships; it's a colleague here and a friend there. I'm not complaining but the ride as been so far so good.

I met a guy on the plane who told me about a possibility in the Border Patrol and that might be an interesting turn especially if I get to fly! We'll see where it goes!?

I also did a little bit of shopping the other day and found a good deal at Hollister for a brown long sleeve thermal looking shirt. I got it at 50% off for $12.90. Then of course, I ended up getting the bug and realized that I needed board shorts and since Pac Sun was having a 25% sale off of boardshorts, I got a new pair of Billabong shorts and a Hurley Shirt. That's as much shopping as I have done lately except for the all the pilot stuff that I've needed and it was nice.

I'm on the plane back to San Diego right now and am watching the HBO Series "Extras" which is a hit in Britain. I have to say that it's just simply hilarious! It's by the creator the Office and the comdy is just excellent. I'm sure that it'll become a show in th US sometime soon and depending of the actors, I'm sure that it'll take off right away.