It's over...HP

Well, I finally finished Harry Potter this past week. I definitely believe that it’ll make a great movie. I can’t wait either. It was the first book that I read on “e-book” (PDF on my Treo 650) format and I have to say that it kept me busy enough to where I’m definitely looking forward to reading another book via the same method. I saw the Sony E-Book reader at Fry’s the other day and was impressed by it, but it’ll be a while until that whole thing catches up with the market. I liked it a lot and but who knows when more people will be reading their books that way. Seems like we are still a long ways off.

I'm back in Wildomar this week for a short visit. I decided not to come right after my trip on Sunday and boy, I don't think that I've ever been that tired before after 4 days of flying. It's was just exhausting. I hit the pillow and didn't wake up for about 10 hours. Probably the best that I've gotten in quite a while. It's quite difficult to keep moving from bed to bed but the one that I got in the Farm House is definitely one that I'm loving. My mom has this heating rock bed pad thingy in the Wildomar house and it's great too. I've been sleeping well there too. The only thing that I disklike about going home is that the dogs are just always pissing and barking and just annoying! The house is finally getting organized a little bit, but we'll see how it turns out before the end of the year. I know that I want to live in San Diego, but the more and more I commute, the more and more I realize that I'm wasting about 8 hours a week on just flying for free. Not to mention the time that I spend trying to get a flight home and walking and waiting in the terminal in the Atlanta, Ontario or San Diego Airports. It's still definitely worth it, but we'll see how the next few months turn out.