How Convenient is the Title

I woke up early feeling rested and headed out noticing that frost was covering my entire car and that I was going to be pushing my duty in time.  I had to call scheduling twice today, one to check me in because since the shuttle was 5 minutes late, I was late 1 minute and then two is where the story of how my day went begins.  To sum it up, I had 6 needles poked into me which ended up costing me $80.00, I'm taking Ibuprofen 600mg, NorFlex and Hydrocodine which totaled $45.00 at Rite-Aid and now I'm trying to sit up straight and just concentrate on killing noobs on Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.  Minus the last bit, I've been in pain all day long.  Not only did I have to cancel my 4 day so that I could rest up at home, but I collapsed in front of a few fellow employees in operations hallway.  I was barely able to hang onto my luggage bag where another pilot helped me up.  I wasn't really embarrassed at all, but it just sucks that my back spasmed like a piece of cold bacon on a hot frying pan.  This left me a little handicap for the rest of the day (I still am).  I've been walking like an old China man, hunched over, and can barely get around without anyone helping me. 

I ended up waiting for a Chief Pilot to show up to work where I had him call scheduling because they wanted verification.  I was sweating so bad that the Chief Pilot knew that I wasn't joking.  He gave scheduling confirmation that my pain was real and that was it.  It still hurts and it doesn't seem like the meds are helping that much.  I'm sure they are in some way, but the pain is definitely still there.  Matty P and Manoj picked me up at the airport and Manoj basically stuck with me the entire day throughout the doctor ordeal, grabbing the Rx, and going to Everybody's for some pizza sandwiches.  Good stuff!

I made some changes in the way that my two sidebars are organized and I've also re-inserted my Google Reader's Shard items.  I still have yet to include a link to my schedule, but I will soon if not in the 10 minutes.  Be sure to check it out!