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Sprint's Future Not Clear at all

Sprints announcement at the beginning of the year to rollout Wi-Max technology and finance Clearwire's joint network venture is all coming to an end.  It was too good to be true after Gary Forsee, Sprint's CEO, resigned a couple weeks back as it was his baby and apparently a bastard at that.  Not having the confidence of the board alongside his idea of rolling out the first 4G network has brought down what many thought would be the wave of the future in wireless broadband computing.  Clearwire's future also seems to be more in the red after reporting a quarterly loss of $119.8 million (4 x its loss last year, same quarter).  So, if you've been waiting to buy a Wi-Max enabled phone on Sprint's network, you might as well hang on to your EV-DO rev.a for a while longer because who knows what the cellular phone companies are going to end up with as a replacement to day's 3G network.