Well, because of me throwing out my back on the way to my aircraft on Thursday morning, I ended up calling in sick and went to the Urgent Care center to see what's going on.  I had acupuncture for the first time and I can't say that I was totally thrilled with it at all.  More or less, a proper nights rest with some drugs prescribed from the doctor helped me out.  I got some muscle relaxors, pain killers and anti-inflammatory meds.  So, since then, I'm back to about 60%, still not all good because I'm starting to feel the pains again since I'm laying off the meds, but its fun playing Call of Duty 4 as much as I have been.  I'm about to beat and I think that I'll do tonight.  I can't believe that Medal of Honor: Airborne is coming out in a couple of weeks.  What a waste of more money on First Person Shooters.  I don't think that I have any other types of games besides FPS.  I need Final Fantasy XIII to come out already.

I still haven't finished my website changes, but so far I'm feeling content with the way that it has been looking and moving.  I'm still wondering how to get Windows Live Writer to publish instantly onto my WordPress blog because it usually makes it so that it becomes a future posting (5 hours later).  Anyone have any ideas?