Flying on the Day After Thanksgiving

The flight to Montgomery, AL was pretty packed but for a change, it was nice to walk in a terminal without physically running into people left and right.  I definitely understand that a full terminal is a good one, but sometimes it just gets too ridiculous!  You have to wonder if fire marshals approve of some of the airport terminals with all the record breaking passenger traveling that is being these days.

It was also particularly pleasant because I got the chance to grab dinner without having to wait in a line for more than 10 minutes at one of the busiest restaurants.  I got to eat it my chicken salad, french roll and banana nut muffin top from Atlanta Bread Company (all for just under $4.00 --> a trade secret of regional pilots) right next to my gate and just relax.

I only had two legs today and the last one from Atlanta to Montgomery was quick being only a 27 minute flight.  Taking off to the west and landing to the west, it all just makes for a nice way to end the work day.  Why couldn't this ever be on the 4th day of my trip!?

It's my 5th year anniversary with Adelle!  Happy Anniversary babe!  Time definitely has gone by fast huh!?  Sorry I couldn't be there, but Christmas and New Year's this year will top last years for sure!

2002halloweenHere's a picture of us on Halloween 2002!  We weren't actually going out yet, but this was the beginning of it all! Who knew back then that I would end up a pilot?



Oh yeah...there's a really cool website too that is a basic dictionary but it serves the words in record lightning speed!  Check it out at and try typing in anything!  It's awesome!