BlogRush, Twitter and trelijah and some little icons

I just got approved to add the little Blog Rush Widget on my 3'rd column.  It's pretty cool the way that it works because it sends me hits from all over from other people's blogs that have had it approved on their site as well.  I just thought that adding it should provide a little bit of fun for others on my site.  Click on someone else's and check it out.  I'm not necessarily trying to drive traffic to my website, but more hits would be nice. 

I also just installed the Twitter Tools Wordpress Plug-in from Alex King.  I'm trying it out just for a little bit to see how well it works because it just seemed easier than adding the whole twitter thing to my sidebar.  I definitely don't want too many things there, but if you can't find it already, its on top, next to the title.  I decided that I would rather have a rolling type subject / blog title than just some random one that wasn't creative.  So, read away and refresh.  I'm able to update my 'status' from my mobile phone so I'll get back to doing that. 

I hate that every time I change my links, my photos stop working or whatever, but I'm going to trash the entire trelijah blog and just recreate it under the same name.  All the archives don't work and I think that it's about time that I get it going again.  Blogger seems to have it best so that I can upload pictures straight up from my phone to the blog.  I haven't found a suitable WordPress deal yet and I'll try looking once again so that maybe I could just add it to the top of my webpage rahter than juts making it a link.  But, stay tuned.  I'll have it up shortly.  It is already available at but nothing is there really. 

I also thought that I could had some little widget for some neat icons on the bottom of each of my posts.  It just looks nice, but it also serves as a portal so that you can easily "socially bookmark" my website (link it to other websites, etc. like digg,, technorati, stumbleupon, etc.  I was bored, and it looks cool so just leave it alone!  It's call Share This! and it works seamlessly so far. 

I know that I have a lot of junk now, but it still loads quicker and I like it better than "the battle" layout.  I'm still making adjustments and stuff, but just have some patience.