Sorapot - A Must for Tea Enthusiasts

For anyone that is drinking tea, wants to start drinking tea or for anyone that is even slightly interested in the world of teas, you can jump start your hobby with this new tea pot designed by artist Joey Roth.  After almost a full year of constant retooling, Joey Roth has finalized the design and has made the Sorapot available with an initial run of 300 pots.  There's not much else that you can say about the pot except for the fact that its beautiful!  It's something that you can display, converse about and even watch as your tea leaves unfurl in the glass tube.  Not ever has tea been brewed this elegantly.  Some people are already referring to this pot as the one that would have been if designed by apple.  What do you guys think?

Below is a picture of the final design for the Sorapot. 

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