United Flight 7244 Skids Off of Runway in DSM

Earlier today, a United Express Flight operated by fellow regional carrier, Mesa Airlines skid off a runway in Des Moines, Iowa due to extreme rain showers icing over the runway.

The plane was taxiing toward one of the airport's two runways at 7:40 a.m. when the pilot made a turn onto the runway. The plane's right wheel slid on some ice and then sunk into the adjacent grass, according to Craig Smith, the airport's aviation director.

Here are some pictures below of the accident.   I mean, take a look at that runway!  It's blanketed!


It's definitely sad that perhaps the pilots thought that they had to go or didn't know any better, but I have to say that the airline industry and the airport authority should know better than this than to even let the plane depart the gate.  I hope that I don't have to face any of these conditions in the upcoming winter months.  I'm going to Louisville, Kentucky tomorrow and their forecast isn't looking too bright! 

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