AppleInsider's In-depth review: Amazon's Kindle

I have to say that I spend some good time reading this review and was left with no questions after 5 pages of relentless comparisons, short comings and history.  Almost 1 month after its initial debut, the Amazon Kindle goes through some hurdles in trying to become the king of eBook readers.  Myself being on the fence between the Sony Reader and the Kindle am still forced to wait another generation.  I had a chance to play with Sony's version but was frustrated at its slow response time and refresh rate.  Being that the Kindle has the identical screen and technology, I can assume that it already will be a disappointment to my petty but unforgiving needs. 

I've been reading books on PDF on my Palm Treo 650 via Adobe's Reader Palm Program and really haven't found too many short comings besides having to click next quite a few times due to the screen's size.  I've been happy.  I would have never seen the Kindle being compared to Apple's iPhone or iPod Touch in the task of reading books or webpages, but Mr. Dilger brings up some good facts of 3G vs. AT&T 2.5G.  The fact that viewing web pages on either device is something that I might want to do, it seems like Apple's Embedded Safari Web Browser has the upper hand in the ability to resize the page and view it in all its glory.  The Kindle was rather limited in a way that would definitely bother me due to the fact that it was horizontally inhibited forcing you to scroll through each page one at a time vertically.  The review almost convinced me to buy an iPod Touch rather than a reader! 

The path to saving trees is going to be quite difficult with having to convince people that they can highlight and take notes electronically, but hey, its just might work out!

AppleInsider | In-depth review: can Amazon's Kindle light a fire under eBooks?