IBM T43 Conking Out

Well, over the last 24 hours, I haven't been able to constantly watch out for good phone news (even though I really wanted to write about the new Samsung that was released on T-Mobile's Network last night) due to the fact that my IBM T43 has been in and out of conscienceness.  I've been wanting, keyword wanting, a new laptop or desktop and its just been t43bad1rather crazy dealing with something that isn't working for me.  Mind you I might have dropped it a few more times than usual because my Purdy Neat Luggage is out of commission as well.  So, I'm left with a Travel Pro bag that isn't at all nearly as awesome.  It's almost embarrassing being a pilot and using a cheapy bag.  

So, anyways, I called IBM and the will be sending me out a box where I can overnight my laptop to them and have them take care of the rest.  I really just didn't feel like dealing with anything, but I'm hoping that it just means that I need a new one and that they'll cover it all.  I know that once they open it up, they won't be able to diagnose anything or duplicate my issues, but hey, at least they'll be the ones tinkering with it.  I'm going to revert back to my trust Apple Titanium Powerbook 667, which by the way, was left out from being able to be upgraded to Leopard.