Fort Wayne Overnight / Discover kwiry

Well, with Fort Wayne being one of my favorite overnights in the ASA network, I was unable to hit up the 412 Club as we came in rather late.  I really wasn't that disappointed but I did have work to do such as bid for my January schedule.  I'm now #213 on the CRJ 200 with another 262 first officers behind me.  It's definitely kind of ridiculous after only being here for just under 1 year.  (Anniversary date = 27 December 2007)  I still won't necessarily get the choice of a premium line, but I'm hope that it works out.  I might end up heading out to the Gyro place just behind the Fort Wayne Hilton Convention Center Hotel.  It's close proximity to places that I know of and like make it a premium choice for destination but the biggest draw back of this overnight is the hotel where the Internet registers at 128K speeds.  It's record slow speeds make it too painful to browse the web sometimes.  kwiry

Not much has been done on the side of my other project, but of note comes the introduction of  I just started one today but its features are rather interesting.  First, you send a text to your profile, for instance a reminder of the song that you just heard or the artist, and then it shows up in your kwiry homepage.  You then are introduced to multiple links regarding the txt that you sent to yourself from web searches, favorites and even shopping.  It's basically an expanded post-it / sticky type deal but online.  It's quite useful really.  You should check it out and add me to your friend list. [my kwiry page]