I'm Baaack!

After a long week without having a computer and going through some recurrent training, I am back in San Diego reconfiguring the T43 that conked out two weeks ago.  IBM sent it back to me mentioning what they did, but it didn't say exactly if they changed out any parts, etc.  I'm really disappointed in their summary, but I guess you can't expect that much from a formally awesome laptop corporation.  Their warranty turn around and service is still top notch, but I can't help but be disappointed that it's not as great as Apple's Customer Support.  I've had much better times with my Ti Powerbook than any other PC Laptops.  Well, I'm here till Christmas Day, then I start another four day! 

I should be around for New Year's Eve so give me a ring.  I don't think that I'll be doing anything near spectacular this year, although I'm looking forward to not spending it in Atlanta like last year!  Who knows, maybe that's where I'll end up again.