Christmas -- Red Eye due to Dry Cleaners

I hope that everyone had an awesome holiday.  Being a first year airline pilot, you don't expect to have Christmas off, but I did and it was great.  Family time and time with the girlfriend, couldn't be any better. 

My post season holiday commute lengthend by the fact that a certain dry cleaner lost my uniform pants in San Diego.  This caused me to have to head back to the Atlanta crashpad via a redeye flight on AirTran and retrieve a pair.  I ended up flying half way across the country just to deadhead back to Wichita, Kansas.  On approach into the Wichita airport, the ground was completely covered with some white powder stuff.  I think that they call it snow or something.  It's going to be really cold in the morning from what I can tell!

Now, I'm just chilling here watching Journeyman which is on NBC online but also plays too many commercials, very disruptive by the way.  It's all the same too.  The one same commercial interrupting my online viewing experience.  I understand that they have to make money but they aren't sharing the ad-revenue with their writers.  These overnight are going to at least be a little bit more productive now that I don't have any shows to catch up on.