Blogging and Back to Commuting

If you've noticed already, I'm blogging a little less because I'm finding most of my time is being spend researching articles and learning how to write correctly.  In other words, I'm learning how to be a little more professional in my news reporting. (  I've written quite a few articles in the last few days but they aren't ones that have gone without editing from the Admin.  =( I'm still having trouble here and there especially because of the fact that I'm so used to writing the way I speak which isn't that proper anyways. 

I'm back to commuting once again.  After this four day trip, I'll be heading back to San Diego on Thursday to hang out with the parents and continue my journey into cleaning and organizing what I can in the house.  It was nice to actually have some time in the Farmhouse and get organized a little bit, but I still have a lot to do there.  More specifically, all the clothes that I brought up from Palm Coast, I probably don't need anymore and other various things I just need to get rid of and throw them in a large giveaway box.  I also have a lot of papers to file as well as play catch up on 7 months worth of logbook entries.  I'm all electronic right now, but I still like to somewhat maintain a paper copy just in case.  That's going to a large undertaking.  Well, onto Atlanta, Georgia followed by a one way to Charlottesville, Virginia for an overnight.  You see, these first two days out of four only have 3 legs total, but the next two combine for an very very busy 11 legs!  It's going to a doosie!