Do I Really Need This?

samsung-q1-ultra-umpcBecause I'm compulsive in nature, if I find a good buy, there's a good chance that I'll end up buying it. Now, it's just a matter ill really need it. We all know that I don't need more toys, but this Samsung Q1 Ultra that happened to be 70% off at Best Buy today was just a little too tempting. The handwriting recognition software is just too awesome but the only issue that I have right now is that the model doesn't have a built-in camera. It's also running Windows Vista which makes it all a title too sluggish taking away all the fun. The biggest plus is the fact that I won't need to bring my laptop on overnights because this is so small, light and ultra portable that it would fit in my flightbag. This whole article I wrote with the hand recognition software in Windows Vista. It was fun but the actual keyboard is pretty awesome once you start getting quick at it.