Watching Videos on the UMPC

On my way back to San Diego,I busted out my new UMPC and started watching a movie. I have to admit that this device is pretty useful not only for videos, but for typing as well. It's a little hard to type that fast and I think that a regular keyboard would be a lot quicker, but like I might have mentioned before, it's all about portability. I'll be posting a little more about the full experience in a couple of days but for now, here are my initial reactions:

  1. Handwriting - It's is simply amazing how easy it can read cursive. If there was an easier or faster technique, then it could be faster than typing. I'm not sure how much this feature will make me want to keep it, but it's just fun. The pen & touchscreen makes for a desirable tablet like device.
  2. Speed - Using Windows Vista is definitely a big letdown only because the processor it too slow. Maybe if the device had 2 GB of RAM, it might make the user experience that much more enjoyable.
  3. Programs -I happen to stumble upon the Microsoft Reader program that is bundled w/ the device, & if it works out, then this would be the solution to me buying an e-book reader. It wouldn't be that efficient but it would be able to do that much more than Sony's Reader. It also comes with Navigator but the Bluetooth chipset isn't loaded. I'll have to find out if any receiver will work particularly the one that comes with Microsoft Streets and Trips.
  4. Origami - This is what Microsoft bundled w/ the Samsung UMPC as the solution to making it a worthy Media Player. I honestly thought that it ceased to exist after all the hoopla died a few years back.