February Schedule!

There it is...posted on the right hand sidebar.  Take a look closely though and you will find that I will be flying 10 days out of 11 straight.  It's going to be freaking ridiculous the way that they have it for me in February.  I also have a lot of Recurrent Ground Training (RGT) and two Simulator Proficiency Checks (SR2A).  It doesn't look like I'll be making it home that much to San Diego.  I have to maybe even get a trip taken away because per our contract, we are suppose to have a day off prior to any of our training events and if you look at the 11th of the month, I'm still working.  I don't think that I have that I have that many good overnights, but I always try to make it the best I can.

I'm also looking at maybe participating in the St. Patrick's Day 10K here in Fiesta Island, San Diego.  Should be fun right?!  I better start training now or something.  Check it out!


Update: Adelle and I just registered to run the 10K.  Come join in on the fun and let's do it together!  Leave a comment if you decide to register.