First of 45

Well, today is day one of the 45 days until my second 10K.  It'll be here in San Diego around Fiesta Island (without hills) so it shouldn't be that punishing compared to my first one.  Today's quick "back to workout" mode consisted of a 20 minute light jog (treadmill speed 5.0 with a little speed increase during the last few minutes) followed by some stretching and quick weight lifting.  I'm not trying to get bigger, just lose some weight, tone up and shape up.  I don't want to end up hurting for an entire week. 

Today's flight were pretty nice a long and uneventful.  Remember that these ones are the best!  So far my food intake for the day has consisted of water, a Triple Threat Power Bar, and a couple dips into my trail mix bag.  Time now is 12 hours after I've waken up.  I think I better replenish.