I'm going to stop saying sorry for updates, but looks like I'll finish up the Eilat / Cairo blog and insert it right before this post.  As for now, I'm sitting in the ATL airport after coming in on a Nap (ATL-BQK-ATL in 14 hours) headed for NRT then connecting to Singapore on Northwest or United.  I tried picking up an ID 75 on Singapore Airlines but it would have costed me ~$600 one way!  So, now I'm trying to book a hotel because it is looking good that I might be able to make the NRT trip, but then we'll see from there.  I'm trying to jumpseat because I don't want to use the rest of my transoceanic flight privileges which were degraded last December.  Wish me luck because I'll be needing all of it. Update: I just got assigned 11A only because the gate agent was nice enough to tell me that if I jumpseated, I would have been sitting in the back.  I just hope that this doesn't hit me in the butt when I try another transocenaic trip later on this year.  I mean, in reality, I don't think that I'll be hitting up Asia or Europe more than 1 more time this year.