Bus, $50 Cab for 15KM, Back 2 US / Afterthoughts

Well, the 5 hour bus ride wasn't that bad at all, but being that it almost cost the same amount as riding (ID90) on Arkira, Israel's domestic flag carrier, I still thought that it would be better to hang out with my buddies.  I caught some good glimpses of the desert, then more desert, and that was all there was to see really.  We stopped a few times for restroom breaks and snacks, but soon enough, it was time to say goodbye.  We tried quite a bit to find better methods of transportation to the airport but it was still early Saturday afternoon and the trains weren't in service because of Shabat.  We negotiated with a cab down to $50 and he made it seem like it was far, but once we got on the freeway, I saw a sign that said Ben Gurion was only 15 KM!  I was pissed.  What kind of country or business charges that much for travel.  I guess that fuel is quite a bit, but it was ridiculous!  He didn't even help with baggage which I guess was normal in Israel.  I was lucky to get on board again and saw some familiar faces from the trip prior and that was that.  To sum it up, I'm going to have to head back to Tel Aviv and actually do the Holy Land Tour but I'm definitely going to be taking a significant other!

Afterthoughts:  I can't say that I was too pleased with the level of service that a country like Israel had.  The cab drivers were rude and ready to take your money.  They weren't friendly at all and didn't even move a muscle to help you out with baggage.  They would even charge more for bags!  The prices of drinks, food and hotels were extremely overpriced, but I guess that my story is bias being that I went to a resort town.  The initial impression of Israel wasn't a too positive one, but I never shut things out.  I'll definitely give it another shot.  Maybe later than sooner, but for sure I will.  Egypt was for sure a one time deal, but like I said before, I would do it again only if there was a large group who wanted to know and learn more about the Nile and its surrounding economics and history.  I wouldn't recommend the tour again as we probably could have done it ourselves for cheaper, but 20/20 hindsight, it made it that much less of a hassle to travel around Egypt. 


Now onto Tokyo / Singapore / Manila / Hong Kong!