Hilton Queen of Sheeba

We headed for the Queen of Sheeba relative early (Friday check-in) in order to feel what it was like to live the "better" life of glitz and glamour.  Bottom line, we just wanted a good pool at a nice hotel to chill at.  The Red Sea is awesome but it was a little cold and man the Hilton was amazing!  We checked in, headed up to the business suite, ate a little bit of what they offered for appetizers, played on the Internet, booked out tickets back on the bus for Tel Aviv and then went up to the room once they handed us the keys.  Our room was gorgeous!  It had two separate rooms each with its own bathrooms, a kitchenette, huge balcony, living room, and even dining room.  Yes, it was truly amazing.  I ended up getting an upgrade because of my gold VIP status and what a room.  We started getting little gifts for Shabat (a large loaf of bread and wine), bottles of water, a thank you card, a welcome card...people just didn't stop coming into the room! 

We got dressed and headed for the pool.  It was just a great afternoon to hang out and relax.  I had a chance to recuperate from the bug that was still eating my stomach poolside and I couldn't have had it any other way.  One word sums it up...beautiful...young men and women of Israeli descent hanging out poolside with their oversize Gucci / Louis Vuitton sunglasses, owning the world.  It was ridiculous.  Everyone there was with a significant other except my colleagues and I and it really just made me miss Adelle a lot more.  Prior to the trip, I was really egging her on, but the instability of the region wasn't a highlight in the trip proposal and I didn't want to fight it that much so it was known that I would be traveling by myself.  We spent the entire day at the pool with the idea of hitting up a local nightclub and of course, I still went out thinking I was going to dance the last night in Israel away, but I called it a night after standing in line for a couple of minutes.  I walked back, enjoyed the sights and went to bed.  I woke up just before breakfast was to close and was greeted with a huge buffet!  First class for sure.  The difference was was that I had an appetite and ready to get some food in me before the 5 hour trip back to Tel Aviv.  I had my fill, packed up quick and headed for the bus station.  The trip was coming to an end.