Coming back to Eilat

Wednesday:  We headed straight for the hostel that night after the 5 hour van ride back to Eilat from Cairo.  Crossing the border on the way back wasn't that much of an issue at all compared with the day prior.  With just a few questions asked and after they found out we were students and that my colleagues were on the Israel Birthright (Taglit) trip, it was all good. 

Arriving that night, I was feeling a pretty good headache coming on.  I don't recall anything that was notable at the moment but I know that we ended up hanging out for a bit and then I called it a night.  Actually, we got some food by the beach around 11:00PM where we were entertained by the European Finals Soccer Finals - Manchester vs. Chelsea.  It was a great game and the food wasn't that bad either. 

I couldn't really eat anything that morning at breakfast, but I tried.  We figured we would hit up the snorkeling / scuba diving thing, but by then, my stomach had already turned over a couple of times.  Heading to the beach, I still didn't feel right and almost thought that I shouldn't go at all, but I tried to be a sport.  Trying to analyze what was causing my demise, we could only pinpoint it to shawarma, milk in my coffee from the breakfast in Egypt or maybe, maybe the dressing on the salad.  I'll award the bug to the fast food side shop in Egypt. 

The little spot of sand that was out there proved to be quite pricey.  After renting out some chairs for the afternoon at $15 each and then looking at the snorkeling stuff, it wasn't going to be cheap at all!  The drinks were over priced and ridiculous.  Bobby had some goggles and I jumped in after a bit of resting / tanning and swam for a bit.  I saw all the fish I cared for and called it quits.  I wanted to get some physical activity as I as already acting like a dead fish.  I was on vacation darnit and didn't want a little stomach bug to destroy that but it was getting the best of me for sure. 

After a brief couple of hours, I decided to head back.  It was already late in the afternoon, so once again, I ended up back at the hostel, my stomach in rotten mode and unforgiving,  I crashed pretty hard after a quick shower until the roomies came back.  I was awaken by my good friend, Doctor Nourani who helped me out with some pills and apple juice.  I was really messed up and dehydrated especially with all the trips to the bathroom.  I knew that I didn't look good either and was in dire need of some help.  At one point I was thinking of heading to the hospital for an IV bag!  I knew what my body needed, but I couldn't get anything done!  I ended up just sleeping it off and praying that I would feel better.  The dreams that I had were a little crazy and psychedelic.  It's really hard to explain but there was something in my dream that I had to figure out in order to help physical myself and even though I knew the answer, I couldn't see it.  Well, when I figured it out after much frustration, I woke up feeling a little bit better, but still only 70%.  Definitely a lot better though than the previous day but it wasn't like I was going to run a 10K or anything.  Thanks for taking care of me guys.