Final Day in Singapore (lots of pictures!)

Well, it was the first day that I got to sleep in, so I took full advantage of it.  I met up with Charmaine again for lunch at another mall where the food was just...all over the place!!!  After seeing what there was to choose from, I was so over exposed that I was lost in selection.  I wanted to try a little bit of everything but we settled for Malaysian because I mentioned that I had never had it.  I was going to take a picture of it, but I had already messed up the presentation, so just imagine an Asian dish in a huge plate, looking like $30 for only $7.50.  Awesomeness!  I made the conclusion that afternoon that maybe the 24 hours of flying was worth it just for the food.  I couldn't get enough! 

DSC04879I walked around the mall a little more but I couldn't find the gifts that I wanted, so sadly for you, I had to give up.  I needed to make my tourist rounds and Kodak moments.  =)  The first place we went to was the Merlion in Marina Bay.  I rode the MRT Subway system and the escalators leading to the train were freaking FAST!!!  I mean, they were on turbo mode and I almost fell back a bit.  They have to adapt that here in the states so that it increases your chances of making your connections by 5 seconds at the airports!  It just felt right.  DSC04880Talk about rapid transport. 

We strolled along Boat Quay where restaurants were aggressive as heck trying to get us to sit down and eat, but instead I took a picture of the largest crab I could find! Keep click for more pictures!


I needed to hit the beach so we took a cab to East Coast Park.  I wasn't dressed appropriately but that wouldn't stop me from taking a dip.  We walked some more along the coastline which was packed with joggers, roller bladders and bikers.


Since it was a Saturday, many families were out just enjoying the day at ECP and of course, I was there to just take pictures.  If you look at the pictures above, you can see the skyline / waterline just speckled with ships waiting to dock.  I haven't ever seen a sight such as that and could count roughly 25 ship just parked.  It's didn't make the sights calming at all but instead, more of an eye sore.  I guess that's what you're to expect from a country that doesn't manufacture that many goods. 

We took a cab back to the local area and headed back into Chinatown, where I took a few other random pictures. The fruits that were in the refrigerators were just there for the fast food types. I had to have my Asian Pear; a fruit that I've really been into the last couple of months.  I ordered a half cut from the vendor and when I took my first bite, I was surprised by the taste of salt.  Of course, my surroundings were also full of dried up fish so my initial thought was that my nose and my taste buds were confused.  We jogged a bit further down so that I continue my tasting experience and still, I tasted salt.  Obviously, the pear that I had was sprinkled with some and I'm going to have to try that when I get back.  It ended up tasting pretty good.  DSC04904

I gave druian another try, but I can't say that it's up there on my top 10 fruits.  Sorry mom.  I didn't even have to touch it because of the left over wrapper so I was durian smell free!!! 


The night ended hanging out with some of Charmaine's relatives at their local condo where we BBQ'd and of course, I was just completely exhausted by then.  Thanks for cooking Love and Yang.  The chicken was great but I'm sorry that I didn't go for the squid.  I'm just too American I guess.  The food was great, the company was entertained and by the time I headed back to the hotel, I would end up getting about 2 hours of sleep.  Here you see me sleeping at the dinner table.  Pretty embarrassing but boy, the 3 day tour was over!  Thanks for everything Charmaine!