Singapore (day 2)

Day 2 was pretty much just a bunch more of me walking around the local area.  I walked to a Catholic Church where I thought that there would be a daily mass, but I read the sign the day prior all wrong.  So, I just sat there and gazed upon the architecture and mediated a little bit then headed out again. 

Walking towards Chinatown, I had the chance to really experience the local grocery / shopping life with little tourist influence.  I was fascinated by the various types of fruits that one could choose and how relatively inexpensive they were.  Shops were lining up the streets, some with refrigerators filled with cut fruit for the on to go shopper and other with the latest an greatest in technology.  There was dried fish, an Apple iPhone store, dead fish, live fish, hanging ducks and chicken, plasma television, and some other herbs and random items that I have never smelled or seen before.  It definitely put me on sensory overload.  I saved all the shopping and fruit tasting for a latter day and after walking around for almost 2.5 hours, it was time for lunch.  I headed back to Central Mall to meet up with my friend. 

We headed to a mall food court and ate at a Japanese Hot Plate restaurant which was quite delightful.  Making it a short lunch, we bought some donuts on the way out and then I made my way back to the hotel.  The day was so hot that I once again found myself being a little lazy and took a nap.  The plan for the night would include hanging out with Charmaine's co-workers at a local restaurant followed by some true Singaporean Clubbing.  DSC04855

Side note: I'm going to admit that I could just only barely recognize the English that was being spoken by the meer fact that the accent was too much to make out.  After a while, I got use to it but I can't say that I have ever heard that type of English mix. 

Charmaine's friends were very accommodating and had a lot of patience with me frequently asking them to repeat themselves.  It was a little embarrassing, but I got over it.  I hope that they did.  Everyone took their turns asking me questions and I tried my best to entertain them.  It definitely would have been great to bring some of my American friends down here for the trip.  Sheena, the girl in the white headband, got us into a club called The Butter Factory ( I still don't know why it was called that ) and we hung out there until I was so exhausted that I could barely keep my eyes open.  The alcohol consumption by the locals was tremendous!  The specials from 2300 to 0000 included two for one pitchers of whatever you call.  So the initial batch was screwdrivers and cosmos and they literally filled up pitchers with these mixes, dumped a handful of straws and off you would go.  Some people were even double fisting it with one straw! 

The dance floor was far too crowded to actually even move side to side so we reverted to little drinking games that were really awesome.  I can't say that I see my friends playing these games, because they are really "girly" maybe but then again who knows.  Maybe they could be coined as really "asian" but I have no idea.  It just depends on the group I guess.  The night ended with a short walk back to the hotel (3 blocks) and I passed out.  I couldn't believe that it was down to 24 hours left and I didn't even take that many pictures.