Right When You Wake Up

Well, things are good.  We had a great surprise party that was thrown by Ms. Buffington and Ms. Pitfick last Friday at an awesome bowling / dance club style place, the cake that they surprised us with was tremendous and I'm up and running at 100MPH once again. 

Of course, right as that happens, my car takes a dump and I had to tow it today to the BMW Dealership.  Who knows what I'm going to end up with now.  Oh yeah, the latest attempts (2 times now) to help Manoj get an iPhone have been failures due to everyone else wanting one and the lines at the Apple store just never ending.  AT&Ts in Atlanta have all sold out and it's really just been too much fun. 

I'll upload some pictures from the party and update this entry once I get them from the camera and onto the computer.  I also just got a wind of the potential shcedule that I might have in August.  Once, it's final, I'll try to upload it.  Till then, I'll write more later on.  It's freaking 3:00AM and I've just not been sleeping!  Gotta clean the up the mess the tornado left in my room!

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