Season 3 Episode 18 of HBO's Entourage is definitely the one to watch for an uplifting feeling.  The feeling that one can relate to Johnny Drama is hits home.  From failing reviews to how what those who judge mean nothing while everyone else's (the layman) opinion mean everything.  I'm still on the Airtran flight commuting home and have another ~30 minutes until touchdown in San Diego. 

I was able to sell my David Clark Headset that I never used for a good 20% Discount of retail in just 2 days after posting them in the company classified intranet.  I'm definitely happy with the price I got and now, I'm just in the mood to cleaning out the closet again.  There are a lot of things just lying around and although the DVD sale didn't take off on, I'm just going to list what I can on eBay.  I've listed my older Treo 650 for $75 but got nothing so far.  It's a little disappointing since I bought the device for $600 just 3.5 years ago, but that's the way electronics depreciate I guess. 

I got my car back today from the dealership and have my job cut out for me.  Or at least I can say that Kurt and I have our jobs cut out in the fact that there are two oils leaks that I have to repair hopefully in the next month or so.  The oil pan gasket on my E30 doesn't seem that difficult, but something about the rear engine seal is definitely going to take about an entire day to work on especially since I'll have to guess what parts I need in advance so my car isn't disabled while we wait for a shipment of goodies.  Anyone out there with an '88 E30 iC just drop me a line with some DIY instructions as I'm in need to save as much as possible by not getting the stealership repair it and not buying a new car that comes with a monthly payment. 

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