Power Support Anti-Glare / Matte Film for MacBook Pro (unibody)

After deciding that I was "done" with the glossy screen on the new unibody Macbook Pro 15", I decided to read up on some matte solutions. The company that has sold hundreds for their Anti-Glare / Matte Screen Protector on the iPhone 3G just so happen to produce one, in a bigger scale of course, that would fit the new notebook.  Power Support once again comes through with delivering exactly what you would expect; a normal looking LCD screen that is free from the bothers of florescent lighting and natural lighting from the window behind you.  Here are some pictures below.   [gallery link="file" columns="2"]

As of now though, I'm in a little bit of a bind because even tough I was able to remove all the air bubbles and dust spots, the top left corner posses a mis-alignment that just won't let the air bubbles escape.  Since the rest of the viewable screen is near perfect, I'm really hesistant to start over and peel the whole thing off.  I'll just have to settle I guess.  =)  rating: 8/10 the fact that it doesn't come with scotch tape and that they only provide you with one $34.95 dollar screen protector just makes it almost a little TOO much!    

I also bought the Speck's SeeThru Satin Soft-Touch on a Hard Shell Case For MacBook Pro 15" (new, black keys) and I'll have a write up soon.

*update* concerning the Speck SeeThru Satin Soft-Touch Hard Shell - I decided to return it because it added so much bulk that I couldn't fit it inside of my Brenthaven Macbook Pro Case.  It also added a little too much weight to where the lid would almost slam shut when just tilted low enough.  I might be trying the InvisiShield a little later when finances permit.  Saving $50.00 on the case is definitely a must!