Yet Another 5K w/ @NiteMovesSD (3rd one)

Going into tonight, I was all about the stride and keeping up a beat / cadence. I started off strong and on the right note but somewhere after the first 1.2 miles, I lost it. I tried keeping up with a guy that had a great pace but I still limped out and ended up 10 seconds behind him =( It's a little hard, but I'm definitely starting to feel it come into play. The next 12 days are going to be a little erratic being that I'm heading back east and flying again. Crossing the fingers hoping I can be headstrong and motivated to hit the hotel treadmills and local areas. My official time was 27:45 which was great since I was gunning for under 28 mins. I just forgot to stop my Garmin #FAIL I have to admit that the Tabe BBQ Truck Fish Burrito (I upgraded from the free taco) was AMAZING!!! I wonder if they'll "cater" the rehearsal dinner?