December...onto 2011

It's just like yesterday that I had a plan to blog everyday even about the daily news, but being inundated with a variety of tasks and goals, it's rather difficult to decide on how I want to write things and / or whether I want to write them for  The distinction and separation is going to happen soon enough as my focus comes into alignment. I'm once again ready to take on the challenge of staying physically fit and have been at it since the 19th of this month going at least 1 hr a day running or biking.  I'm setting myself up for the San Diego Rock 'N Roll Marathon in June as well as the Tour de Cure in San Diego Century cycling ride in March..or is it May?? ?

For now, stay tuned once again as we take on the next year with bigger goals in mind and a fresher start.  Thanks for hanging out!

If I can keep up the workouts like I did in July, pre-wedding, pre first triathlon, pre...whatever...I'll be more than ecstatic!  Check it out here from Garmin Connect!