Universal vs. iPhone / iPod Only

Where do you draw the line between supporting the iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad Universally in one app or creating two separate apps charging a little less for the "inferior" iPhone / iPod Touch only version? One way to alienate a crowd is to immediately update your universal version of the app for the iPhone 5 in releasing v1.07 but skipping out on the iPhone / iPod Touch "Micro" version.  Reviews have already tarnished the ratings of the "micro edition."

So, does the iPhone 5 suggest a different game when it comes to developers wanting to support it?  Straight from the developers website, apparently those that chose the "micro edition" are second class citizens.

With the Autumn Solstice fast approaching, there’s lots of big #sworcery news to share: As we’ve been known to do, the iPhone & iPad versions of the game are on sale for limited time. What’s more, the Universal iOS edition has been updated for the new iPhone 5 and is available to download now. The Micro edition update will follow in a few days.