A Random New Year's (yes I know it's already February)

I know that I haven't posted in a while but I might as well start with the randomness that New Year's Eve brought. I spent the day with my fiance having a great breakfast / lunch, took some pictures around the area (Solana Beach, San Diego, CA) and just hung out knowing that we wouldn't be with each other that night. It would be the first time that we were not able to spend the midnight together since we have been with each other. She was working, I happen to be off that night, but it ended up working out just right! I called up a friend and was invited to hang out! It was great...the randomness = new friends, old neighbors, good company, great food and the random bar that apparently was throwing a New Year's Eve Party for a different breed. Needless to say, we were the only Asians around (not that that matters) and we missed the flyer describing the party as a lesbian night out! =) Good times though! We each donated food cans taken out of Jerome and Joyce's pantry used to discount the cover charged, enjoyed the night then went back to their place and play some quiz games on the PS3...and of course, enjoyed more food! Here are some pics! [gallery link="file" columns="2"]

I have quite a few more pictures that I'll be posting here too in the next few days!  Stay tuned!

Hunnington Beach

I got to really just hang out with some buddies this past weekend which was quite relaxing and enjoyable.  I went out with my buddy to a shooting range and I have to say that I was relieved that my aim is still pretty good.  I still have a lot to learn, but its definitely getting to be a little bit easier as my confidence level goes up.  The shooting range in Oceanside called Iron Sights is a great place to rent and try out a variety of handguns and rifles.  That's my number one choice in San Diego for now until I have to re-qualify next month.  I also ended up at a Moroccan restaurant called Marrahkesh in Newport Beach where I had rabbit for the first time.  It definitely tasted like chicken but I can't say that I was too impressed.  The lamb was awesome but I enjoyed the baklava and tea the most.  The tea was a minty green with a lot of sugar.  The rest of the experience was enjoyable as I got to hangout and meet some people for the first time.  I met one of my friend's roommate from UCSD and his wife of almost a year and she participated in the belly dancing.  Bobby also got up and danced a bit.  It was all fun.

We headed out to a bar in Newport Beach called "The District" which was basically a really small bar that was on par with PB Bar and Grill but a little bit more upscale.  We had a couple of drinks, met more peeps and called it a night night around last call at 1:45AM.  I crashed at his pad and woke up to a beautiful day.  I really can't see myself leaving Southern California for anything else and I didn't want to leave.  We walked the pier and ate a Duke's where I had an amazing seared rare ahi steak tuna.  The food was spectacular. 

Now I'm headed up to Flint, Michigan where I'm going from 70F to 11F.  i can't wait! 

on the dancefloor


So, today was the first time that Adelle and I headed to a nightclub on our own. We first stopped by Zuma Sushi up in Highland Avenue which definitely fulfilled my sushi craving. It was a nice little quaint place that was filled with deep reds and black decor throughout the restaurant. Authentic you would call it with the Japanese Anime on the LCDs flickering away and a full Japanese staff behind the counters. The food was excellent but any place that wants to charge $5.50 for Edamame is insane. The sushi was a little expensive but it was filling and prepared well. I would go there again, but not until I earn a little more of a paycheck.

On the way to dinner, an old friend who came to Atlanta a while back to attend attend Emory University gave me a call and told us that we should meet her at a new bar / dance club. Of course, Adelle and I said yes and it was probably the first time for me in about 2 years that I did this going to a club and all. I mean, we went around in Fort Lauderdale, but walking into a place on your own is a little weird for me. Turned out to be really fun once we met up with our friends. We had some drinks, danced and ended up meeting new friends. Oh yeah, the place was called, Lotus Lounge. I have to say that the place itself is rather large but it does constrain you to only the downstairs portion unless you are VIP / or some type of "member." The initial reviews that I read on citysearch weren't that positive at all so I ended up not having any expectations. When I entered inside, I felt back at home in San Diego. The ambiance shouts high class, but the dress is business casual with nice jeans and all. Cover is $10 after 2200 for guys and then $10 after 2300 for girls. Not that bad at all, but the drink prices is where they get you. I bought a Coors light and a Rasberry Martini (originally ordered as a Mojito but the waitress didn't get it correct) and it cost me $17.00! I was shocked a little bit, but I guess that's normal for some places.

I definitely have to come back sometime with my guy friends. The ratio was definitely tipping in our favor. There were so many ladies just walking around and I was quite surprised by this. I also have to point out that it was very multi-cultural which was completely different than my past experiences around this town. You'll probably find more interesting information on the citysearch link above that I provided ya.