The Jawbone by Aliph (part 2)

I sent out my dilapidated Aliph Jawbone Bluetooth Headset last Saturday from a San Diego post office with hopes for a quick return.  To date, it has been about one year since the original purchase from their online store and I reviewed it as less than stellar.  Almost immediately following my 3rd or 4th inquiry to Jawbone, I received an RMA and took care of it. 

By the time I came back to Atlanta from my four day trip, I had a UPS package from Aliph with a brand new headset!  I'm not sure how many different revisions there have been in software or chipset, but this headset is blowing away my previous experience.  I'm really happy with the performance as well as the distance of the headset.  Maybe it's also because I have the Treo 755p instead of the Treo 650, but nonetheless, it's nice to be hands-free again. 

Aliph kept their promise in expediting a replacement and I cannot be more thankful.  As we all know there are more states that are following suit regarding cell phone usage while driving (California Law regarding this issue comes into effect July 1st, 2008) and I'm going to be compliant.  Cheers to Aliph. 

Opera Mini 4.1b & JVM for Treo 650/700p/750/755 (part 2)

Due to the overwhelming flood of requests, I have posted a direct download for the Java Virtual Machine PRC file on my webserver.  Now you will be able to download the install file directly to your mobile Palm device enabling instant satisfaction.  You'll also be able to enjoy a more complete mobile HTML browsing experience with Opera Mini. 


I've been using Opera Mini 4.1 beta for a little while now and all the little upgrades that they did over 4.0 are definitely worth the trial.  Get it now at

Below is an excerpt directly from their website.  Happy Mobile Browsing!

New in Opera Mini 4.1 beta


Now even faster

Prior to this release, we upgraded our servers and Opera Mini now receives your requested Web pages up to 50% faster. So you can now access sites like Facebook, BBC, and any of your other favorite Web sites even faster, with Desktop-like speeds.


Find things faster

Even though scrolling to your Web content is already easy with Opera Mini, the new Opera Mini 4.1 beta lets you search for text within a Web page so you can get to the information you need even quicker than before.


Get to your Web sites faster

Now you can stop wasting time typing in full Web addresses more than once while browsing. When typing Web addresses, Opera Mini 4.1 beta will recognize and suggest completions for you based on your Bookmarks and browsing history, making address input faster, easier and much more intuitive.