Free your Speaker!!!

Do you have one of Apple's 30-pin Docks or perhaps a speaker docking system that has now become obsolete?  Well, if you haven't heard, Apple just recently implemented their new proprietary 8-pin connector starting with the iPhone 5 and next generation iPod nano making your accessories defunct but don't worry.  More or less, you have the chance to set that dock / speaker free with a new device named auris!

This Kickstarter project is already funded at 117% and with an estimated delivery of December 2012, you can breathe new life into your speakers by Christmas!

The Jawbone by Aliph (part 2)

I sent out my dilapidated Aliph Jawbone Bluetooth Headset last Saturday from a San Diego post office with hopes for a quick return.  To date, it has been about one year since the original purchase from their online store and I reviewed it as less than stellar.  Almost immediately following my 3rd or 4th inquiry to Jawbone, I received an RMA and took care of it. 

By the time I came back to Atlanta from my four day trip, I had a UPS package from Aliph with a brand new headset!  I'm not sure how many different revisions there have been in software or chipset, but this headset is blowing away my previous experience.  I'm really happy with the performance as well as the distance of the headset.  Maybe it's also because I have the Treo 755p instead of the Treo 650, but nonetheless, it's nice to be hands-free again. 

Aliph kept their promise in expediting a replacement and I cannot be more thankful.  As we all know there are more states that are following suit regarding cell phone usage while driving (California Law regarding this issue comes into effect July 1st, 2008) and I'm going to be compliant.  Cheers to Aliph.