Ramen Again

I went to Underbelly for my ramen fix three times within a seven-day span.  My wife called me obsessed yet I brought take out every single time for her.  =)  Some people on Yelp ridicule the broth for taste and / or variety (they only have one) and their choice of meats.  Plain and simple, I enjoy it for what it is.  It's ramen conceived with the chefs' persona and he made it his own.  That is all.  Enjoy it for what it is not for something you were thinking it would be.  Norah sure did!

Norah Underbelly Ramen

Norah Water

Looking Back at Norah Renée

Exactly one year ago to the date and time, we welcomed my daughter into this world.  Everyday since then, my wife and I have been living a truly blessed life with such a vibrant, loving, huggable, and curious little munchkin.  As cliché as it sounds,  I really can't believe how fast time has gone by.  Happy Birthday to you Ms. Norah Renée.  Momma and I can't wait to celebrate and share more life experiences with you! Here's a photo of Norah at six months pushing herself up and staring back at me.  Not staged, not planned, my wife captured this wonderful moment.  The photo below is also unedited.


I've also just entered the photo into the I Shot It Child Competition 2013 No 3 for kicks and giggles. So far, with my entry, I'm at number 470. Ends in five days and there are so many great photos!!!  Wish us luck.

If you really want to know more about the composition and the photo, check out Jeffrey's Exif Viewer.  Here are the basic details: Olympus OM-D E-M5 ISO 800 1/40 f1.4 25mm

Introducing Norah Renée

I snapped this photo on the 2nd of September, 15 days after she blessed us with her presence. I used my new her new Olympus OM-D E-M5 paired with a Panasonic "Leica" DG Summilux 25/f1.4 and just brushed a warmer effect on Aperture. I'm still learning the ins and out of photography again and using my new micro 4/3s camera. If you have any tips and tricks, leave a comment!


Of course this shot was inspired by none other than my friend Gage Caudell. Check out his photo titled "Our Future". It's definitely a much better composition and a wonderful shot of his little girl. The month by month progression is fantastic!